What’s in a name?

I had the most fun and funky introductory post for my blog. Introducing myself, reviewing some products and saving some readers a few bucks on some beauty steals.

More than anything I wanted to give you that, but life has a funny way of showing you the way to go. So, I will start my first post.

For almost 23 years I have hated my name. Randa DeLane. Growing up was hard with no personalized key chains. No license plates for your tricycle. Going to Mexico in hopes to find your name already made on a bracelet? Forget it.

But it wasn’t until today, this morning actually, that I realized there’s a lot to a name. A lot to my name. DeLane. Man, my parents knew what they were doing when I was born.

Horace Delano Hubbard. You may know him as Lane Hubbard. That’s because he changed his name because you know…he’s Lane Hubbard. However, a long time ago we changed his name to Papa. I can’t say I did that, I’m the youngest of all seven grandchildren, the baby of the family.

So, you might ask, “What’s the point?” or “What caused the sudden realization?” And often times, although it is sad to admit, we fall into realizations when sad things happen to us. This morning, my Papa ended his struggled with COPD peacefully.

This morning, upon reflection I had a rush of memories. My first fish. My first cavity (totally his fault by the way). My first tooth I lost. A lot of firsts were with this man. And that’s when it hit me.

A lot of times when you’re a little kid you grow up and you never really notice what you saw until you reflect on your past.

Someday, you and Nana will get to take a spin on the dance floor again, while you laugh and hold each other close like you did on the cruises we would take together.  Someday, you and Nana will get to nag each other from the living room to the kitchen, and she’ll probably do whatever you ask again. Like usual. I know she will miss that. We all will.
Someday, I will see your smiling face again, and I will hear your big, deep laugh again — even better yet: with no coughing. I will feel your tight bear hug squeeze again. I will feel your wet kisses on my cheek again. I know it.

Until then, we will wrap Nana in all the love, the comfort and 2 a.m. grilled cheeses that you provided for her in the almost 65 years you were married. We will continue to look at photos and remember the amazing times we had with you. We will talk to you and seek your guidance when we need it, and look for you at the beach and during Ian’s Christmas performances when we miss you terribly. We will keep your memory alive and never, ever forget you.

You were the most amazing grandfather I could have ever asked for. You loved Nana with your whole heart and you cherished your kids – every one of them. You adored each of us grandkids, no matter how old we were, where we lived or what we were doing with our lives. You loved each of us unconditionally, and without holding back. I am so lucky to be your granddaughter, to have learned from you and to be named after you.

6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. You never cease to amaze me, Randa! SO beautifully written… I know Papa would be so proud of this post. Love you the most!

  2. Great tribute to a great man!!! Uncle Lane will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him. I have many fond memories of him.

  3. Beautifully written. I’m so sorry to hear about your Papa. This is a lovely tribute to him. Proud of you always, friend!

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