How to stay sane while planning the wedding of your dreams

So, you’re recently engaged…what do you do? IMMEDIATELY START PLANNING EVERYTHNG! But then you come to an overwhelming halt because you realize it’s not easy preparing for all aspects of an event that you want to be flawless, so it feels like the to-do lists do nothing but grow.

Don’t worry. With a little bit of foresight, a few good people and a dash of humor, you can get through this. It is possible to plan a wedding and still stay sane. Here are some tips I’m using to keep my stress levels down.

  1.  Start early. It’s all too easy to relax when you’ve got months to go before your wedding. However, you likely already know the stress that procrastination can bring (thanks, college), and planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. Assume from the start that everything will take twice as long as you expect.
  2. Get help from people who have been there before! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask opinions! I am lucky that both my sister and older cousin have been through the wedding planning process and they definitely have helped a ton!
  3. Stay within your budget. Actually, try staying under it and leave some wiggle room. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself on track, for me, I created a Google Doc Spreadsheet where I can plug in my budget and weigh my vendor options to see what combinations will fit in that budget! Don’t worry, when I am finished I will post it here for you to download yourself!
  4. Stay organized, especially through email. Most vendors will communicate and send contracts via e-mail. Plus, you can sign up for giveaways! Go ahead and create a separate email address just for your wedding. Trust me, this has been a life saver! It is so easy to search and find specific emails.
  5. Prioritize. Talk with your future hubby and decide which elements are the most important to you, and tackle them first. If your top priority is to have the perfect wedding dress but the cake falls low on the list, start looking for wedding dresses before you visit bakeries. I set a list up of the priorities I wanted to get done first and have pretty much stuck to that!
  6. Ask for help from people you know you can rely on. @ my mom @ my sister @ my best friends. All of my closest friends have different talents, so if I am looking for a dress for engagement photos, I’m asking Erin. If I need to know what lipstick I’m wearing with an outfit, I’m asking Asia. If I need some straight up realness (and probably sarcasm), I’m asking Bailey. 
  7. Go on dates. Spend time with your fiancé without talking about the wedding. If yours is anything like mine, he is not big on planning. I try to set goals for us during the week so we can enjoy our weekends! Ex. Go register on a week night or make a guest list together!

Lastly, enjoy your engagement! Put the planning aside some times and just breathe. Look forward to the parties and showers with your friends and loved ones! After all, for as much effort as you’ve put into planning your wedding, you owe it to yourself to be loving every minute leading up to it!

If you cannot wait for access to my wedding planner, feel free to shoot me an email and I will be happy to forward it to you!

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